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The Mission Critical 8-POINT SYSTEM


Imagine an army going to war without a winning strategic plan. Imagine having a group of ragtag soldiers that would rather not be there, or they are more interested in their own survival than that of the team. Imagine the enthusiasm and spirit lacking that any team must possess to win. That war would be lost.

Today, many businesses and even individuals find they are not winning the “war.” They are not attracting the new customers they need. Their operation runs over budget. Their team lacks strong motivation. Production is too slow. Sales too little. Or, they are doing many things right, but the winning is still coming more slowly than it should.

Whatever your circumstance, whether you are an individual entrepreneur or manage a team of thousands: winning always starts with strong leadership.

The Mission Critical 8-Point System is a proven system to achieve individual and team goals that will win under strong leadership. It was developed by 2-star General, Gregg Sturdevant, under the most challenging situations, as a Marine, where losing was not an option.

When the cost of failure can result in lost lives and the reward of winning is freedom, your system must give you the best chance of winning—and that is what the Mission Critical 8-Point System can do for any individual, business or group. Yet, every “war” (and “battle”) is different, thus for a system to produce success it can’t be “cookie cutter.” It must be pliable enough to fit the needs and wants of any situation, group or individual. And so, it is: The Mission Critical 8-point System offers a pathway to winning because the fine points can be molded to the needs and wants of you and your team.

The Mission Critical 8-point System is designed to help EXPAND your business, create SATISFIED CUSTOMERS who refer, and achieve Maximum PROFITS.


Different individuals and businesses have different goals and take varying routes to fulfil those goals. A clearly defined strategy offers the best route to get there based on your unique situation.

Mission Critical Strategy. This involves assessing your needs and wants and developing a realistic strategy on how to achieve your short, medium, and long-term goals. The strategy becomes your overall road map to reach the desired destination.


Great leaders set up people to do great things. True leadership is about inspiring your team with a vision and the means to go beyond themselves to achieve that vision and thus victory.

Mission Critical Leadership Development addresses how to delegate authority, create mutual trust in your relationships and build affinity, develop emotional intelligence, handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically, and how to truly lead by example, all towards the end of getting it done in the present and creating a prosperous future.


A team is a group of individuals united by a strong purpose and dedicated to the task of achieving the same goal as a comprehensive whole.

Mission Critical Team Building addresses how to develop highly competent, ethical, and efficient teams where each individual is passionate about achieving company goals while simultaneously empowering their teammates to accomplish their assigned roles.


Communication is the bridge between a leader’s vision and that vision becoming reality. Every aspect of success rests on the leader’s ability to communicate the goals and purposes of the team concisely and clearly.

Mission Critical Strategic and Effective Communication addresses how to assure that the message you communicate to others is understood—and to recognize when you are not being understood. It is communication that inspires and gets people to act. You control the narrative for both exterior audiences and the interior audience of your team.


Programs and Projects consist of specific action steps necessary for the overall strategy of a company to be accomplished.

Mission Critical Program and Project Management addresses how to best structure and manage projects and programs from a winning perspective with available resources, utilizing specific mission critical methodologies and tools while operating within budget.


A business process is a collection of linked tasks which find their end in the delivery of a service or product to its clients.

Mission Critical Process Enhancement addresses ways to establish and strengthen policies and procedures as to achieve stellar company performance and produce happy and satisfied customers and clients. You can have the best strategy and most glowing plans, but if you don’t have doable processes to bring them about you will fail.


Every breathing organism encounters emergencies they must deal with. Crisis management is the process by which an individual, business, or other organization plans for and deals with a sudden emergency situation.

Mission Critical Crisis Management addresses how an individual or team is to best handle a crisis. First, is determining if there is a crisis, or just the perception of one. Next, is pinpointing the exact crisis and the individuals to best deal with it. Finally, is the construction of a plan of action to permanently fix the problem through performance and strategic communication.


To succeed to its fullest an individual or group must be able to scale to a rate or expansion and then sustain itself.

Mission Critical Sustainability/Scalability and Expansion ensures that an organization not only survives but thrives. Bedrock solid programs are constructed that can easily be scaled to support expansion in a timely fashion, utilizing available resources within a budget. The goal is not to just win a battle but to win the war and thus achieve long-term stability.

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Timeless and informative. Sturdevant arms you with tactical strategies and solutions that will help you build teams that perform better and set your organization up for success.

Whether your business employs ten people or ten thousand, Mission Critical Leadership is your essential guide for reaching your full potential and leading your organization to excellence.