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Behind the Scenes
with Gregg Sturdevant

For over 25 years, Gregg Sturdevant has epitomized leadership as a 2-star Marine General as well as a consultant and executive in privately run businesses. With Gregg’s unique system you will learn to master the 8 key areas of leadership that will assure you and your team achieve the highest level of success

Gregg Sturdevant: A lifetime of successful leadership

Some people talk about leadership. Some people teach about leadership. Others advance fancy theories about leadership. Retired Marine Corps Major General (2-star) Gregg Sturdevant lives leadership and has done so for more than 30 years. One could say that leadership is in Gregg’s DNA. But that would be incorrect. Gregg is a believer that true leaders are made, rather than born. He believes that individuals can be taught to be superb leaders. He, himself, is such an example—as well as the multitude of individuals he has taught to lead both in the military and private sector.

Gregg also believes that an organization, a business, a project, and even an individual succeeds only to the degree that there is strong leadership at the helm. In other words, success in any sector is utterly dependent upon robust leadership. There is no other way to get it done.

Gregg has experience leading teams across a wide variety of disciplines from commanding Marines in combat to advising our nation’s senior leaders.  As well as a Marine Corps Major General, Gregg has extensive senior executive leadership and project management experience improving adaptability and performance in complex organizations undergoing constant change.  Gregg is a decorated team leader and mentor who has proven to exhibit excellent judgment and high integrity in critical decision-making situations.

Gregg is also CEO of Mission Critical Leadership Solutions, a leadership building firm that consults business owners, top executives, and entrepreneurs to succeed in the highly competitive world of business. Gregg’s proprietary system for getting it done—The Mission Critical 8-point System—is designed to address the critical areas of an organization that a leader needs to master to build a prosperous business.

Gregg is known for his warm, yet no-nonsense style. He’s not the “iron-jawed” General that you may see in the movies. Rather, Gregg utilizes understanding and compassion to bring out the best in people. One could say that his leadership style, though systematic, is an art form that stems from a love of people and a burning desire for them to win. This leadership style is an essential part of what Gregg teaches his clients so that they too will get the best out of people, as well as themselves.

Experience & Qualifications


Highly Qualified Expert/Senior Mentor
United States Marine Corps

Keynote Speaker
Institute for Defense and Government Advancement's 2015 Military Helicopter USA Symposium, Pensacola, Florida

Captains of Industry Panelist
Naval Helicopter Association Symposium

Director, Sales and Business Development
TRU Simulation + Training, Lutz, Florida

Senior Advisor
USMC & USAF V-22 Osprey Independent Readiness Review

Deputy Commander
Marine Forces Command, Norfolk, Virginia

Director of Strategic Planning and Policy
U.S. Pacific Command, Honolulu

Commanding General
3d Marine Aircraft Wing Forward, Afghanistan

Asst. Deputy Commandant
Programs and Resources, Headquarters Marine Corps

Deputy Director of Operations
Joint Staff, Washington

Director of Public Affairs
Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington, DC

Commissioned Officer
United States Marine Corps, Worldwide deployments 1982.